Tips for Choosing the Right Game Publisher to Make Your Game a Success

Memilih Game Publisher yang Tepat

For indie developers, the presence of game publishers is an opportunity for the games they create to be recognized by the public more quickly. That’s why many are trying to find various tips on choosing a game publisher to find the right and trusted publisher.

The reason is skill alone will not be enough to make a game liked by many players. You will need a third party, namely a game publisher. This third party will help game developers, from providing funds for game development to releasing the game.

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What is Game Publisher

The term publisher, when translated into Indonesian, means “publisher”. If it is connected with a game, the publisher can be interpreted as the party that will publish or release a game.

Publishers are responsible for the game development process, although in practice, they don’t do the development themselves. In essence, the game publisher’s job is to focus on promoting the game.

This game publisher has a significant role for game developers. Because a good game doesn’t guarantee a good reception if it’s not executed well. Here’s the right way to choose the best and most trusted game publisher.

Tips for Choosing a Trusted Game Publisher

Choose Competent

As previously discussed, having expertise in developing games alone will not be able to make them famous. You will need the services of a publisher who will introduce it to game players worldwide.

For this to happen, look for a competent publisher. This is because only competent game publisher services can make the game quickly known to the public and sell well in the market.

Already Have a Big Name

Tips for choosing the second game publisher are based on the big name that the publisher carries itself. That is, gamers know them as the party that releases the best games.

Adjust to Game Type

Don’t forget to choose a publisher based on the type of games they release. This is because some publishers focus on certain types of games—for example, simulation-type games, adventure, education, strategy, and others.

Generally, these publishers have their own fan community who are loyal to wait for the release of the latest games from that publisher. That way, the game you develop can be “met” with players who match the type of game they like.


These tips are most commonly applied in various ways when looking for the best and most trusted service providers. Because with the skills you have coupled with your experience during your profession as a publisher will make it a mature and reliable service.

Starting from conducting market research and determining promotion plans. For example, when is the launching schedule, making events to attract enthusiasts, and so on. With the hope, when releasing and selling it in digital and physical form, gamers can receive the game well.

Providing the Best Service

The last tip in choosing the best game publisher is to find someone who can provide the best service to game developers. Among them is offering detailed agreements, one of which is related to copyright and licensing.

The publisher also provides periodic reports regarding the development of games released in the public’s eyes. Apart from that, publishers also provide free consultations on matters related to game marketing.


Based on the tips for choosing a game publisher mentioned above, it can be concluded that it would be better if game developers join the best publisher according to the type of game they have, especially publishers who already have big names. It may be useful.

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