What is a Game Publisher, Its Role & The Difference With Game Developers

Game Publisher Indonesia

For those of you who like to play games, do you already know what a game publisher is? So, game publisher is a part of the game industry that has an important role in developing the game business, you know. However, what exactly is a game publisher? For that, here is an explanation about the game publisher.

What is a game publisher?

In essence, this game publisher is a company that supports funding and publishes a game. Why does the game publisher have such an important role? Because even if it’s a good game, if it’s not executed properly, it’s very likely that the game won’t get a good reception from gamers.

Then, what is the task of the game publisher? Check out the next point.

Game publisher roles and duties

However, you need to know that game publishers are not the party in charge of developing games, game development is the responsibility of game developers. Yes, so you need to know that game developers and game publishers are different, you know!

The difference between Publisher and Developer

As previously explained, publishers are companies that publish games or support funds that will be given to developers. In video game publishers there are 2 types of models, namely external and internal.

External publishers only have the task of providing funds to game development developers. Or it could also be a publisher that helps developers to market their game products.

This is different from internal publishers, in fact they are also part of the developer. In general, internal publishers are already large company scale. So they have their own team whose job is to develop a game product. That way, it makes sure that the games released are suitable for gamers to play. They don’t force to release a game.

In general, publishers are responsible for servicing and marketing a game product. They also need to do market research as well as advertising aspects. So in short, all decisions to distribute games are the business of publishers.

For independent developers, they also need to use publishers to distribute their game products. Sometimes to make their games sell well, indie developers will hire or pay publishers that are well known to many people or have big names.

A game developer is a group or individual who is responsible for developing a game or video game-related software. Usually game developers can number from one to hundreds of people who are equipped with their respective tasks.

In addition, they also have various tasks such as design, programming, artwork, testing, and so on. They will work together to develop a game that has been planned. Their abilities will also affect the results of the games that will be developed. Prior to release, the tester has the important job of making sure the game runs as planned. Usually, these developers get financial support from other companies, which are usually publishers

From the explanation above, we can conclude that the difference between publisher and developer lies in their tasks. If the publisher focuses on marketing of game products. Meanwhile, developers have a focus on developing a game.

Therefore, a game requires a publisher to market its game products to markets such as Bisa Megaxus, which has been a game publisher for dozens of years.

Game Publishing Timeline Bisa Megaxus Since 2007

  • 2007 : Audition Ayo Dance
  • 2009 : LINEAGE 2, WAR ROCK
  • 2010 : Grandchase
  • 2011 : Counter Strike Online
  • 2012 : SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
  • 2013 : Ayo Oke, Warnetku
  • 2014 : World In AyoDance, Heroes Of Artasia
  • 2015 : Royal Master, Princess Rush, Rhythm N Joy
  • 2016 : Closers
  • 2017 : Audition Ayodance Mobile
  • 2018 : Combo Rush, Screaming Monster, Bakso Horror
  • 2019 : Fatal Raid, Jelly Goyang, Adupintar
  • 2020 : Tower Fever, Water Gelora, Legend of Kingdoms, Amazing Swing
  • 2021 : AyoDance Puzzles, Swing Saga
  • 2022 : Warung ASN: Ajib, Sedap, Nagih

For those of you who need a publisher to publish games, you can trust Megaxus as the right partner for you. With many world-renowned publisher partners as below.


• Champion of Team Competition – Audition World Championship 2017, 2018, 2019

• Best Game Online FPS 2012 – Counter-Strike Online – Chip Awards

• Google Play Best of 2018 “Most Casual” – AyoDance

• The Best Online Game 2011 – Counter-Strike Online – GameStation Awards Mobile

• The Best Game Publisher 2012 – Megaxus Infotech – Chip Awards

• Best MMO Rhythm, Dance & Music 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Audition AyoDance – KotakGame Awards

• MMO Dance/Music Simulation Favorite 2010 – Audition AyoDance – HotGame Reader’s Choice Awards

• Game Non MMORPG Favorite 2011 – Counter-Strike Online – HotGame Reader Choice Awards

• Best Graphic 2009 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Best MMORPG 2009 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Graphic 3D Terbaik 2008 – Lineage II- Indonesia Game Show

• Best Casual Online Game 2010 – Audition AyoDance

• Best Graphic 2008 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Indonesia Most Popular Online Game 2011 – Grand Chase – Asia Online Game Award

• Best Third-Person Shooter 2013 – SD Gundam Online – GameQQ Awards

• Most Anticipated MMO 2012 – SD Gundam Online – Klik Game Awards – GameQQ Readers Awards

• Best Dance Online Game 2009 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards

• Best Graphic 3D 2009 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards

• Favorite Online Game with 3D Graphic 2008 – Audition AyoDance – Indonesia Game Show Awards

• Best Third-Person Shooter 2012 – SD Gundam Online

• Best Online Casual Game 2008 – Audition AyoDance – GameQQ Awards – Indonesia Game Show Awards

• Best Casual Online Game 2008 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards

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