The Benefits of Simulation Games for Entertainment or Education

manfaat game simulasi

Simulation video games are a category of video games that are generally designed to simulate real-world activities realistically.

This simulation game was created to emulate various activities that exist in real life into games for purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction. Some examples of well-known types of simulation games are war games, business games, and role-playing simulations.

By playing simulator games, you can hone your skills according to the simulation game you choose because this game genre offers a unique concept, namely the players will play a role according to their respective professions and must complete various tasks to proceed to the next level.

Besides this simulation game can provide fun, this simulation game can also help us to learn. These simulation games are much needed by educators for learning media that support fun and not dull concepts to increase learning motivation. By using game simulators, students can also understand not only theory but also practice directly.

Benefits of Simulation Games

A simulation game is a type of game in which there are real elements in life. All the components in the game are made to resemble the elements found in the real world and this type of game. That way, this simulation game has several benefits, such as:

1. Sharpen the memory of the players

This simulation game has many buttons or buttons that allow players to choose various activities or actions according to the flow of the game. Several games in this simulation game also have storylines that require players to follow the storyline, where each scene has its own function. Players need to remember everything to achieve a good score in this game. Automatically, game players hone their brain’s ability to remember.

2. Helps hone reason or logic

This simulation game turns out to be able to hone your reasoning and logic, so this type of game is suitable for use in a test. Examples include vehicle simulation games, where the player needs to adjust the steering wheel controls used by taking into account the car’s position so that it is parked properly. So in this game, the player’s reasoning will be tested. players can also get a high score by practicing playing this simulation game. So that when players apply it in the real world, they won’t have any difficulties.

3. Speed up the understanding of the material

In the field of education, this simulation game is often used to help students understand the material because by using this simulation game, students can simulate it directly. For example, in the PC Creator game, in that game you can assemble a PC according to your wishes and can also simulate it. If the components don’t match, then the PC can’t be used.

4. Increase learning motivation

To focus on learning so that it’s not boring, you need a fun way because if you feel bored while studying, then the information conveyed is definitely not optimal. Well, one of the solutions to make learning more interesting is learning using a fun simulator game that will increase internal motivation, and the learning process will feel more interesting and fun, motivated to learn longer and more often.

5. Improve performance

By using game simulators, the learning process can improve our understanding of material. This can directly increase your confidence when going about your daily activities because you already know what you will do.

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