5 Programming Languages Used to Create Games

Programming Languages Used to Create Games

Currently, games are popular among many people, as games are now more easily accessible even through smartphones. Many great games can be played with smartphones. Of course, you can be one of the great game creators by producing other popular games. Some programming languages used to create good games include:

1. Java

One type of programming language that can be used is Java. Java can be used to create good games for PCs and Android. Many game developers learn and delve into this programming language to develop games. One of them is Minecraft, which was created using the Java programming language. It’s no wonder that the result of Minecraft is excellent and satisfying.

2. Kotlin

One programming language reference used to create games is Kotlin. Development of Android-based applications usually uses the Java programming language. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other programming languages. JetBrains developed a programming language called Kotlin. JetBrains is a software development company and Integrated Development Environment developer. Kotlin was actually created using the Java programming language, making it compatible with the Java Virtual Machine.

3. C# and C++

Another programming language that can be used for game development is C# and C++. Many games developed for PCs use these programming languages. These programming languages have the advantage of being able to perform hardware integration. Not only that, but some game developers also rely on C# to create the best games.

4. Swift

Swift is one of the popular programming languages. This programming language can be used to create popular games for iOS or personal computers. Swift is a programming language created and developed by Apple. Not only used to create a program, Swift can also be used to create commercial games. This programming language has an open-source nature. This means anyone can contribute and develop this programming language to improve it. You can use this programming language to create the best games for iOS and PC.

5. Objective-C (OBJ-C)

As the name suggests, OBJ-C is an object-oriented and reactive programming language. This language is used for gadgets like Mac OS and iOS smartphones. This programming language has a working procedure like Swift. Although this programming language is considered difficult, some developers still use this programming language to create commercial games because the results of this programming language are pretty satisfying.

Programming languages used to create games can be chosen by each game developer. Not only the programming languages above but there are still some other recommended languages. However, these five languages are the most popular so that you can develop games effectively.

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