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Professional Game Development Services Indonesia

As one of the game companies that has been established since 2006, Megaxus has become a rapidly growing company and is now one of the leading game development service providers in Indonesia.

Professional Game Development Services

As a professional game development service, Megaxus is a professional game company consisting of experienced experts in game development. They can produce high-quality games that can compete with foreign-made games. This team consists of game designers, illustrators, story writers, 3D graphics specialists, graphic designers, programmers, animators, and audio specialists who are experts in creating exciting and fun games for users.

Megaxus understands the tastes and needs of users in Indonesia, so the games it creates are always well-received by Indonesian society. One example is Warung ASN: Ajib, Sedap, Nagih game that successfully captivated fans of Indonesian cultural-themed restaurant simulation games.

Megaxus has become a highly competent and reliable game development service in Indonesia. With its abilities and experience, Megaxus can create high-quality games that compete with international games.

Megaxus offers entertainment game development solutions designed specifically to meet the demands of the rapidly growing game market. With a professional team, we are ready to assist clients in creating attractive and beloved games by gamers.

Our Game Creation Portfolio

Some of the entertainment games developed by Megaxus include:

1. Warung ASN: Ajib, Sedap, Nagih

Experience managing a restaurant in the Warung ASN: Ajib, Sedap, Nagih game, a fun and challenging time management simulation game. Players must prepare food according to customer orders and serve it quickly so customers don’t leave due to long waiting times. Players can train their memory and learn the values of Pancasila and Indonesian cultural diversity in this game. With the leaderboard, players can compete with other players to get the highest score.

2. Screaming Monster

Play an adventure game with unique cute monster characters. This game is set apart because players only need to use their voice to control the monster. Talk, scream, or even sing to make the character walk, run, and jump. Avoid enemies and don’t fall into the abyss. Collect various cute monster characters and fight to become number one on the leaderboard.

3. Warteg Gelora – Anti Covid

Welcome to Warteg Gelora, a restaurant with healthy, delicious, and COVID-19-free food. Join Mbak Lintang and serve various customers, from ojol drivers, and office workers, to grumpy but kind-hearted parking attendants. In this game, players must follow health protocols during the pandemic, such as washing hands, wearing masks, and keeping a distance. In addition, players can also train their memory and motor skills. Megaxus created Warteg Gelora for the GAME LOKAL KREASI INDONESIA (GELORA 2020) event to support the government’s program and demonstrate Megaxus’ social responsibility as part of Indonesian society. Play this game and break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

4. Tower Fever

Stack and stack again until you get the highest score and rise high into the sky! Tower Fever is a casual game that is perfect to play with friends during leisure time. With four different modes and more than 20 interesting visual themes, this game offers various challenges. In this game, players can share their highest scores on social media and compete with other players on the leaderboard. Listen to cool music, and find the right rhythm to reach the highest combo.

5. Amazing Swing

In this game, players only need to tap the screen to jump from one platform to another. A unique sensation is felt when players successfully land in the perfect position. This game is very easy to play and suitable for filling leisure time. Play with friends and family, and get the highest score. The game has various modes, unique artwork, and cute avatar choices that players can select. Players can also share their high scores on social media and see the top players on the leaderboard.

Those are some of the games that Megaxus have developed. As a game company with experience in game development, Megaxus always pays attention to the quality and security of the games it creates. By using Megaxus’ game development services, you can entrust your game development to trusted and experienced experts.

In addition to entertainment game development, Megaxus offers serious game development solutions and gamification, which are games designed for purposes other than entertainment, such as education, training, or simulation. These games can be applied by companies and government institutions in various fields such as education, health, recruitment, retail, banking, fintech, e-commerce, mining, and others. This service includes gamification development, simulation, AR/VR/XR/MR/metaverse.

There are many benefits that companies and institutions can obtain by implementing serious games, including increasing the effectiveness of learning and training, facilitating the employee recruitment process, strengthening product branding, increasing employee engagement or customer engagement, and helping in decision-making processes. In addition, serious games can also help companies and institutions save costs and time in conducting training or simulation.

So for those of you who need services in game development, you can trust Megaxus. For more information, you can visit the website https://bisa.megaxus.com/ or contact business@megaxus.com.