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The large number of game enthusiasts around the world today, has made game service providers also mushroom. In fact, nowadays, games have become an important part of gadget applications. You can see, almost all gadget brands often offer the advantage that these gadget products are capable of playing games that require somewhat extra capabilities and specifications. In fact, some gadget products offer several games in the sales package. The number of games that make people crazy about today’s technological era is the work of Game Developers who make technological games grow.

But do you already know what a Game Developer is?

Game developer or commonly referred to as Game Developer is one of the promising business fields for now and in the future along with technological developments. Game Developer is a business that focuses on making or developing games. These games can be sold via the internet or sold through CD and DVD facilities. Not only for sale, the game can even be used as advertising land.

Game Developer is the process of creating games. The development process will be carried out by game developers, which can be from one person to large companies. A game is developed and launched by two companies that work together, which are called Developers and Publishers. Developers here have the task of making a game, while for Publishers to promote and market the game, apart from that, they also provide customer service or services for gamers.

In essence, developers in the gaming industry have a similar concept to developers in any technology industry. Every day, a game developer has to deal with programming language codes. In general, a Developer’s workflow will run if the Game Designer has obtained the concept and scenario, the visuals have been created by the graphic designer team, and the audio material is in the final stage. Only then did Game Developers start working on putting it all together.

To develop a game, there are several stages that must be carried out by a Game Developer to produce a quality game, including:

Preliminary Research

Research is the first step that you need to do in developing or making a game. This step is important to do in order to find out things that should not be missed in the game. In addition, doing research is also useful to find out what is needed to develop a game.

After that, a game developer needs to do a plan in order to have an idea of the game to be made.

As well as game developers also need to pay attention to programming languages. Apart from that, what you need to pay attention to is whether the game has future updates or not.

Need for Additional Software
Next you need to consider whether to use additional software or not. For simple games, the required software is a compiler and code editor.

However, for games that are considered to have complex qualities, they require software such as 3D or image editing. That way, it also requires a computer with high specifications that support the performance of 3D modeling and image editing software.

Generating Program Code
Next is to create a programming language. including using Javascript, Java, Swift, C++, C#, and others. Small games, you can build directly using the programming language. However, to create high-quality games, game engines are needed.

Interestingly, the existence of a game engine provides an opportunity for novice developers to create games without the need to do coding.

Testing and Marketing
The final step in developing or creating a game that you need to do is to test it so that the game doesn’t experience problems or bugs. This testing process takes a long time. After the testing process is complete, then the game can be marketed.

That’s the explanation about Game Developers and Game Developers’ Ways to develop a game.

For those of you who need game development services, you can entrust Megaxus, as an Indonesian game development service.

Game Publishing Timeline Megaxus Since 2007

  • 2007 : Audition Ayo Dance
  • 2009 : LINEAGE 2, WAR ROCK
  • 2010 : Grandchase
  • 2011 : Counter Strike Online
  • 2012 : SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online
  • 2013 : Ayo Oke, Warnetku
  • 2014 : World In AyoDance, Heroes Of Artasia
  • 2015 : Royal Master, Princess Rush, Rhythm N Joy
  • 2016 : Closers
  • 2017 : Audition Ayodance Mobile
  • 2018 : Combo Rush, Screaming Monster, Bakso Horror
  • 2019 : Fatal Raid, Jelly Goyang, Adupintar
  • 2020 : Tower Fever, Water Gelora, Legend of Kingdoms, Amazing Swing
  • 2021 : AyoDance Puzzles, Swing Saga
  • 2022 : Warung ASN: Ajib, Sedap, Nagih

For those of you who need a publisher to publish games, you can trust Megaxus as the right partner for you. With many world-renowned publisher partners as below.


• Champion of Team Competition – Audition World Championship 2017, 2018, 2019

• Best Game Online FPS 2012 – Counter-Strike Online – Chip Awards

• Google Play Best of 2018 “Most Casual” – AyoDance

• The Best Online Game 2011 – Counter-Strike Online – GameStation Awards Mobile

• The Best Game Publisher 2012 – Megaxus Infotech – Chip Awards

• Best MMO Rhythm, Dance & Music 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Audition AyoDance – KotakGame Awards

• MMO Dance/Music Simulation Favorite 2010 – Audition AyoDance – HotGame Reader’s Choice Awards

• Game Non MMORPG Favorite 2011 – Counter-Strike Online – HotGame Reader Choice Awards

• Best Graphic 2009 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Best MMORPG 2009 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Graphic 3D Terbaik 2008 – Lineage II- Indonesia Game Show

• Best Casual Online Game 2010 – Audition AyoDance

• Best Graphic 2008 – Lineage II – Omega Awards

• Indonesia Most Popular Online Game 2011 – Grand Chase – Asia Online Game Award

• Best Third-Person Shooter 2013 – SD Gundam Online – GameQQ Awards

• Most Anticipated MMO 2012 – SD Gundam Online – Klik Game Awards – GameQQ Readers Awards

• Best Dance Online Game 2009 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards

• Best Graphic 3D 2009 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards

• Favorite Online Game with 3D Graphic 2008 – Audition AyoDance – Indonesia Game Show Awards

• Best Third-Person Shooter 2012 – SD Gundam Online

• Best Online Casual Game 2008 – Audition AyoDance – GameQQ Awards – Indonesia Game Show Awards

• Best Casual Online Game 2008 – Audition AyoDance – Omega Awards


Megaxus as Co Development with Local Game Studios


Tower Fever

Tower Fever
Source :

Stack and stack for more, keep breaking your high score and reach for the sky! The addiction and satisfaction from finding the perfect rhythm and getting high combos is undeniable.

With a relaxed atmosphere, this game is the perfect companion when you have a short free time to relax and chill alone or with friends.

Feature :

  • 4 modes with different types of challenges to keep up – vary your playing time.
  • Simple but stylish art style
  • 20+ Themes to make the game more visually varied
  • Share your high score on social media to show how great your skills are
  • Leaderboards for those with a competitive heart

More Info : HERE

Amazing Swing: Monyet Horor

Amazing Swing: Monyet Horor
Source :

Tap and swing to explore platform after platform. Find the unique satisfaction of landing on the perfect spot. Easy to play and funds to spend your free time. Play with your friends and family, get the highest score and be the best.

  • Multiple modes. Try extreme mode to challenge yourself
  • Unique art style
  • Avatar options to add to the fun factor
  • Share your high score on social media
  • Leaderboard to showcase top players

More Info : HERE

Warteg Gelora – Anti Covid

Warteg Gelora - Anti Covid
Source :

Play this fun game:

  1. Learn to apply health protocols during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  2. Train your memory: Observe and memorize customer orders, then serve food according to the order.
  3. Relaxing but challenging gameplay.
  4. Need more challenge? Try Extreme Mode and prove you are the best.
  5. Fight your highest score on the Leaderboard.
  6. Artwork that is pleasing to the eye, in accordance with the daily life of the Indonesian people.

Let’s play this fun game while learning how to apply good health protocols in our daily activities.

More Info : HERE

Screaming Monster-Voice Runner

Screaming Monster-Voice Runner
Source :

Play as one of the cute and funny monsters in this endless side-scrolling adventure. Take control by speaking, screaming, blowing, or even singing into your phone’s microphone. Use lower volume to make them walk, higher volume to make them run, and scream loudly to make them Jump!

Install for free and play the full game without spending any money.

Keep playing and collect all the coins to unlock more monsters. You don’t need to catch them!

Aim to be number one on the leaderboard and beat all your friends’ scores!

Try to unlock all the achievements in this game, it will make you feel very satisfied.

Gather your friends and play together! Or you can also share your gaming experience to your preferred social media directly from the game.

More Info : HERE

Warung ASN : Ajib, Sedap, Nagih

Warung ASN : Ajib, Sedap, Nagih
Source :

Play this fun game:

  • How good is your memory: memorize customer orders, then serve food as ordered
  • Relaxing but challenging game
  • Need more of a challenge? Try Extreme Mode and prove that you are the best
  • Compete for your highest score on the Leaderboard
  • Works of art that reflect the cultural diversity of Indonesian society.

Besides being fun to play, this game also trains you in leadership and management as well as developing socio-cultural competencies such as Pancasila values and diversity.