Get to know VR & AR Developers and Their Duties

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Currently, technology is developing rapidly, there is even a technology that is being discussed virally, namely metaverse technology which has an important role in the advancement of the digital era in the future. With this metaverse, you as a user can enter the virtual world. Not only that, in this Metaverse users can also interact. However, this technology requires the role of VR & AR so that the use of metaverse technology can be used optimally. The emergence of the global metaverse trend has made the industry’s demand for VR/AR developers even higher.

Before getting to know more about VR & AR development, do you already know what Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are?

What is Augmented reality and Virtual Reality?

AR or Augmented reality is a technology that can bring computer-generated images or videos to real life in real time. The combination of visuals and audio in the virtual world is presented like in a real environment.

In the gaming industry, the use of VR & AR is believed to be a game changer. Besides being used in the game industry, AR technology is currently growing and being used in various marketing, educational and other activities.

Meanwhile, VR or Virtual Reality technology can bring real reality into virtual reality through online media. Basically, Virtual Reality can create various objects, environments and artificial imaginations in the form of animation. With this, it can make users feel the best experience in the world of simulation. By using VR technology, players can interact with various 3-dimensional objects in the virtual world.

Definition of VR/AR Developer

To develop reality in VR & AR technology, VR & AR Developer services are needed.

This profession is a person who serves as a software developer who has the ability to implement Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology into an application or a game. That way, a VR AR developer needs to understand in advance about software development. Because the development of VR AR technology is an advanced stage of the software development process.

VR/AR Developer assignments

As previously explained, the job of a developer is to develop VR AR technology so that it can be used even better. A VR AR developer also has the task of integrating computer technology so that it can be operated by humans.

Not only that, some of the tasks that are the responsibility of VR AR developer services are also designing an interaction, analyzing problems in development, and also being tasked with developing prototypes for the VR/AR.

What do you need to become a VR/AR Developer?

You are required to be able to use video game engines with systems such as Unity or Unreal to become an AR/VR developer. Both of these systems make it possible to create 3D settings. Furthermore, an AR/VR developer must familiarize himself with programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and Swift. As a VR or AR Developer, you have the responsibility to develop, maintain and update the Software.

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